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Education Resources

Check out the Nov 25, 2013 Final Report of the School Success Express that was submitted to the California Board of Education. Highlights include:

  • The importance of accountability for how decisions are made, money is spent and progress is measured
  • The need for major improvements in how school leaders engage with parents and caregivers
  • The need for well-maintained and well-equipped schools to support learning and health

Click here to read the full report - Health Happens in Schools (PDF)


Comments and Ideas for Creating a Welcoming and Inclusive Environment (PDF)

This is a short list of some simple ways to make the classroom environment more welcoming and inclusive for LGBTQ families and individuals.


Education Laws and Policies (PDF)

This is a quick overview of Education Law and Policies in California that apply to LGBTQ students.


FAIR Education Act Website (External Site, run by OFC)

In California, the FAIR Education Act ensures that schools integrate factual information about social movements, current events and history of people with disabilities and LGBT people into existing social studies lessons and prevents schools from incorporating instructional materials that discriminate. Our Family Coalition actively works with schools and districts to develop comprehensive and inclusive curriculum for students. Visit the website to get more information on FAIR and to access lesson plans that that include LGBTQ families and individuals.



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