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Welcoming and Inclusive Schools Program (WISP)

Welcoming and Inclusive Schools Program (WISP)

Our Family Coalition works with families, teachers, administrators, and child-serving professionals to create more welcoming schools and agencies to serve LGBTQ families and their allies. We believe that schools should be a positive place to learn where all students are invited and encouraged to be their full selves.

WISP Trained Schools

  • Fred T. Korematsu Discovery Academy
  • Acorn Woodland
  • Vallecito
  • Kaiser Elementary
  • Hanna Ranch Elementary
  • Kensington Elementary
  • Yu Ming
  • Alta Vista
  • Berkeley Arts Magnet
  • Coronado Elementary
  • Washington Elementary
  • Marshall Elementary
  • LeConte Elementary
  • Oxford
  • Jefferson
  • Thousand Oak
  • Joaquin Miller
  • Alianza Charter School
  • Sequoia Elementary
  • Markham Elementary
  • Head Royce
  • Korematsu
  • Emerson Elementary
  • Lagunitas School District
  • Emerson Elementary
  • Crocker Highlands
  • Rosa Parks
  • Emery Secondary School
  • Anna Yates
  • Logan Elementary
  • Longwood Elementary
Family Diversity Advocacy

Family Diversity Advocacy

One of the most integral parts of a school community are the families of the students. Our Family Coalition works with families in different capacities to cultivate a culture of acceptance for the diversity represented in schools.

Racial and Economic Justice Roundtable – Our families hold a wide variety of identities not only around gender and sexual orientation but also around race and class.  Our Family Coalition has gathered together a group of parents who are committed to increasing equity literacy in themselves and their children to actively challenge racism.  This group meets on a monthly basis and is facilitated by parents for parents.

Preschool Fair

Preschool Fair

Every year, Our Family Coalition hosts a LGBTQ-Inclusive Preschool Fair for parents looking for a school for their little one(s). Parents have the opportunity to meet and interview school sites on how they provide a welcoming and inclusive space for LGBTQ families.

Here is a list of schools that have particpated in past years.

Check the calendar fordate and time of this annual fair.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Our Family Coalition offers a wide variety of workshops and training opportunities for professionals and community members.

Elementary School Program

Our longest running education program. We utilize a number of tools, including the Welcoming Schools Guide, to help schools be more welcoming to diverse families, be prepared to address gender disparities, and to encourage allied behavior.

Middle School Program

Our Family Coalition is expanding its education programs and workshops to meet the needs of middle schools.


Our Family Coalition Education Team is available for conferences and trainings ranging in topic from creating more inclusive schools, examining gender with youth and young children, schools rights and responsibilities, and more.

Family Education

We facilitate workshops with families to familiarize them with promising practices and materials supporting an inclusive school and home environment.

Get Involved in Your School

Get Involved in Your School

Schedule a Teacher Training  | Schedule a Family Education Workshop |  Become a Family Diversity Advocate | Become a Teacher Liaison

Become an OFC School Liaison that receives additional training and works directly with us to support your school staff in creating a more welcoming and inclusive educational environment. If you are interested, please contact


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If you are interested in any of the above, please contact




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