Supporting equity for all families and children.

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Make Families Stronger

Fun Events ·  Peer and Play Groups ·  Workshops  ·  Family Support ·  Parenting Support

Fun Events ·  Peer and Play Groups ·  Workshops ·  Family & Parenting Support 


Make Schools Inclusive

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Welcoming & Inclusive Schools ·  Parent Education ·  Professional Development


Make Tomorrow Better

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Progressive Policy ·  Family Advocacy ·  Action!


We celebrate marriage equality nationwide and pledge to continue working for full equity for all families. Here are some of the issues at stake (PDF)

Achieving equality for LGBTQ-headed families with children is a vital part of the pursuit for full LGBTQ humanity and liberation. We work side by side with partners in a broader social justice movement to realize a vision of equity and justice for all people. We work to shift public opinion and change policies that impact LGBTQ-headed families with children. In order to achieve this full LGBTQ acceptance we focus on the following policy areas:

  • Marriage equality and family protection
  • LGBTQ inclusive schools
  • Access to health and human services
  • Progressive immigration reform
  • Racial and economic justice
  • Challenging bias and increasing visibility

YOU can be a part of creating a more equitable world for our children.



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