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Make Families Stronger

Fun Events ·  Peer and Play Groups ·  Workshops  ·  Family Support ·  Parenting Support

Fun Events ·  Peer and Play Groups ·  Workshops ·  Family & Parenting Support 


Make Schools Inclusive

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Welcoming & Inclusive Schools ·  Parent Education ·  Professional Development


Make Tomorrow Better

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Progressive Policy ·  Family Advocacy ·  Action!



There are several ways you can support campaigns that impact our community. Here are current campaigns that may be of interest:

  • Did you hear about the so-called “Personal Privacy Protection Initiative” - proposed by anti-LGBT organizations? It would require people to use public facilities corresponding with their sex assigned at birth, rather than their real gender identity. Absurd, right?

    It gets worse: The bathroom policing initiative would require the government to monitor bathrooms and single out people who don’t meet stereotypes of what it looks like to be a woman or a man. Furthermore, the initiative would allow people to sue for “damages” for their discomfort for up to $4,000, essentially creating a bounty on anyone who does not fit gender stereotypes.

    We are looking to connect with transgender, gender expansive and gender non-conforming parents / prospective parents willing to share their personal stories through video interviews or written testimonials (signed or anonymous). Please contact or to set up a date and a location for an interview/quick testimony. You may also share testimonials anonymously if preferred.

  • Help protect the Student Success and Opportunity Act! Stop the conservative opposition from discriminating against transgender students.



More Opportunities for Families

  • Are you and your family currently involved with a faith community? Would you want to give input on how religious education programs can be welcoming and affirming to young LGBT people? The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry (CLGS) wants to hear from YOU! Please email to set up a time for a quick phone interview. All input is anonymous.


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